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Thread: starting a small amount of ornamental trees to sell

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    starting a small amount of ornamental trees to sell

    I have a lot of room now at my new house and thought about buying a few Japanese maples,weeping cherries seedlings to grow and sell,,,what else is popular and does anyone have any advice? thanx

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    Some suggestions...

    I work at a high-end retail landscaping/nursery/gardening center in Ohio and the bulk of our clients are new home owners. I see a really big trend of sales in topiary type evergreen pr spruce trees being purchased for both sides of front doors, garage doors and patios or focal points(Spiral type, pom-pom type) or what I call the 'Charlie Brown Christmas trees' that are purchased for their unusual form and architecture. The sales of these far outnumber Japanese maples or weeping cherry trees for us. Our new home customers seem to want something that everyone else does NOT have and there seems to be a weeping cherry in the front yard of every new home I see around here!
    As far as deciduous trees, the white or pink dogwoods and Eastern Redbud trees far outsell our red leafed Japanese Maples.

    Good sellers for us in the shrub line are Ninebark (for it's color and texture of leaf) all the newer varieties of Lilacs, Burning Bush, Fragrant Viburnums, English Boxwoods, and any type of blue evergreen, spruce or juniper shrub. These are our top sellers at least.

    Hope this helps!

    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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