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Thread: Siberian Elm Seeds

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    Siberian Elm Seeds

    In the spirit of 'giving back' to Landspro, I'm limited in the types of things I have to offer but I'm trying. Currently, I am offering Siberian Elm seeds(to give away of course). I have tons of Siberian Elm seeds. They can be grown as hedges or, as I have done by inadvertently letting them get away from me, as 40-45 foot trees. We have 160 encircling our lot and it's wonderful in giving privacy from neighbors as well as establishing a stand of trees quickly in a newly developed area. There are pro's and cons to SE's if you read the literature. Personally, I've been pleased. We have very strong winds and drought like conditions and they have hung in there. PM me if you'd like any--with your mailing info. and some indication of how many you'd like(in particular if you have a grand plan like I did with planting them all around my lot or if you're more in the' just experimenting' mode).


    If you can't open .pdf files try this link:
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