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Thread: Seeds: Floaters vs. Sinkers

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    Seeds: Floaters vs. Sinkers

    I just scarified some white indigo seed(and briefly considered a thread entitled ‘Scary Scarification’). It was the first time I’ve done this and used the hottest tap water I could and placed the seeds and water in a thermal mug from morning til early evening.
    The first thing I noticed is that there were floating seeds and sunk seeds and wonder—is that a hint of things to come ?
    When I turned them out on a paper towel I was tickled to see that some had their little ‘umbilical cords’--cotyledons(?) sticking out which encouraged me but made me wonder: Will the ones that didn’t have, end up not growing and have to get re-scarified and
    Uh Oh—were they sinkers or floaters and is there a link ?
    So much to learn from a handful of seeds !
    Can anyone shed some light on this ?

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    It's usually the sinkers that end up growing. The reason they sink is because they have been fully rehydrated and there are no air pockets left in the seed. The other seeds may be drier so just give them andother 24 hours or so in the water bath.

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