No, I'm not giving it

I just wanted to share with you that this is a great time (at least here in Ohio) to get some really great deals (sometimes free) on bagged goods at your local nursery.

How? you say...

Alot of nurseries that sell it every year has leftover bags that have been broken open or have tears in them. They would rather sell them cheap or give them away then mess with them or have them dirtying up their lots. It never hurts to make them an offer!

Personally, I've done this for years I go around to all the places like Lowe's or other gardening centers or nurseries and look out for such things as top soil, mulch, whatever that comes in bags.
I always offer to take it away for free first, reminding them how unsightly it looks and how it will probably be thrown away anyway.. If that doesn't work, I go to plan B and offer them a buck or so. I've never met anyone yet that hasn't bargained with me for it.

Just thought I'd give you a 'head's up' !