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Thread: Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Vicki and Bill in MO!

    I hope that your day is as beautiful as it is here. It is sunny and dry. The wind has been blowing all weekend. I'm spending this afternoon repotting plants and getting them watered.

    It's supposed to get cold here tonight, but not nearly as cold as it is up there. It's 80 degrees right now, but it doesn't fill like 80 because of the wind. It's nice....

    Enjoy your DAY!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a very nice day. We have quite a large family, alot of us gathered next door at my Mom's for spaghetti dinner and cake and ice cream. Was very nice. Received garden related items . An ornamental bird cage, that I plan to plant something in. A nice outdoor therometer with ladybugs, butterflies, and flowers, 2 big planters with ivy and grapes on the sides (which will look nice on my deck!) also 50.00 (for flowers ), also a 2 yr. subscription to organic gardening and a new sedum I didn't have!
    It was 54 here, but with a chilly north wind. Partly sunny. Have quite a few daffs blooming today too! The forsythia will be bursting into bloom any day now. They light up my yard and look very nice with the daffs blooming. Supposed to get down to about 19 tonight. We have been above freezing at nights for about a week or more now, so hope everything will be fine. Hope it won't hurt my hundreds of daffs buds getting ready to open.
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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