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Thread: Staghorn Fern

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    Staghorn Fern

    Mine are small (but nice) and mounted to some drift wood that my grandmother proudly gave me....

    Here is a nice one at Bellingrath Gardens:
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    That is one big staghorn! I also have a couple of smaller one, bought at Kroger's a number of years ago for less than a dollar each. They were potted in 3 1/2 inch plastic pots and since I never got around to mounting them, that's where they have remained. The shield leaves on both have grown up, out and around and both have several large leaves. Both seem to have adjusted to their somewhat unorthadox containers and are doing very nicely. I water them about once a month through the winter by floating them in the basement pond for 24 hours. They will go out to their regular spot in the Redbud tree once the weather has warmed and the tree has fully leaved out.

    Outside, during the summer they will be foliar feed whenever I feed the daylily seedlings and watered when the seedlings get watered. I do have to give them additional sprays with the hose when it's really hot and dry, but they really love the humidity here in the summer. I'll have to try to get some decent photos of them this summer.

    I also noticed those beautiful amaryllis on the ground under the ferns in your photo. That red and white one is georgeous! Looks like 'The Clown'; I didn't reccognise the others.

    Bellingrath Gardens must be a wonderful place to visit; wish there were something like that colse to me!

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    Just bought one on sale at the grocery store(was 9.99; paid 2 bucks). I'm thankful for the watering/feeding info. Mine has wider leaves than in the photo-- much much wider ?
    Also, I do have a question as to the 'medium' to place them in. They almost sound like orchids. Like Rebecca, I'm in a zone where they can't be out all year(like Florida). Any info. on what to put them in/on and what soil/medium to use ?
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