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Thread: Perennials....

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    Aug 2001
    Zone 9a - Gulf Coast


    Sometimes, they don't come back!

    I am really disappointed... Every year, I look forward to the pretty leaves of my Persian Cornflower emerging followed by long lasting blooms, but this year NADA...

    Guess I'll plant lots more from seed, huh?

    Spring FEVER, seed FEVER! It's worth the wait for perennials to take 365 days to mature. After all, they come back year after year....
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Jan 2002
    occasionally ,i get bloom the first year if started in january in my greenhouse.ok more times than you could expect. and thats every type i have started too.
    i am in zone 5/6 maybe not a lot . so dont let the 365 day rule for perens stop any body from trying them from seed!
    shepp zone5/6

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