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Thread: Spring BREAK!!!!

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    Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that, but there are certainly several lottle pockets of wonderment and beauty popping up! I really need to get out there and clean it all up, but we could still have a freexe here and at least another light frost, so the mulch is staying put for now. The little mini-dafs have been very lovely bright spots and have been very good at taking the eye away from the spent crocus blooms. My "Wild Bed" in back has the most daffodils in it and they are just now coming into full bloom. Seems the most of them are "Ice Follie" though. The "King Alfreds" are scattered about and most are blooming or in bud. I am seeing that a lot of the clumps of daffs are not going to bloom this year, so it looks like it may be time to re-plant them. That will mean marking where they are and tagging those that have at leat one bloom, all the others will be surprises! My 'Mount Hoods' haven't had but one or two blooms that last couple of seasons and I have seen any of the "Easter Bonnets' yet, could be a bit early for them. I have one planting of "Butterfly" Dafs that will be opening blooms soon and they look very full with promises. One of my doubles, 'Winston Churchill', didn't even come up! I was very dissapointed to see that. There are so many yet to put up their buds, but in a few more weeks the back yard, at least, will be quite the show.

    I've been taking pictures as they bloom and making watercolor copies of some of them. I've learned that the image needs to be very "contracty" and the color really saturated to turn out really well. Each one I try is an experiment, unfortunately, not all of the ones I have tried to convert actually turn out to be worth the effort, yet the original image is magazine worthy. I'll have to email a copy of the latest contact sheet I made of the better ones. It's way too big to post here and resizing leaves a lot to be desired!

    I will attach one at the end of this post that really amazed me. When I saw iot on the contact sheet I thought I had made a mistake and put the original photo on it!

    All for now, hope you like the image.

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    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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