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Thread: Spider Plant - The House Plant?

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    Spider Plant - The House Plant?


    All of these years, I have been babying these things in hanging pots and protecting them for the winter.

    A busy schedule made me neglectful, but guess what? They were evergreen here this winter. IN THE GROUND!!!! Can you believe that?

    Some babies fell to the ground, grew and didn't die back over the winter. Now, I know that we had a mild winter, but I live in this cold valley. They are hardier than most people think.


    I guess that is what I like about plants and propagating. You are always learning something NEW!!!

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Ann, We had some left in the unheated greenhouse. Much to my surprise they are coming back from the root. I was amazed. I didn't think they were that hardy.
    tennessee sue

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