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Thread: Nursery starter questions

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    Western Michigan near Muskegon
    Knowing that you are a GW member wondered how your trading season went? I got totally hooked and received some nice trades. Have you checked out the seed exchange?
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Ohio gardeners

    Wow, I didn't realize that so many of us are from Ohio! That's cool!

    Matt, from the list you mentioned of mother plants, I'm wondering since they are all deciduous, why you are even bothering with all the expense and trouble?
    Since they would be outdoors suffering the elements in someone's garden, it seems to be that you would come out ahead (saved labor and overhead) to just leave them out to winter over. You might lose a bit to deer, but what you would save would definitely compensate.
    I would suggest giving this a try, sticking with deciduous type of plants the first year or two. By beginning your starts or divisions early (like now or in the next month) they'd have plenty of time to get decent root systems on them before winter. Next spring prune off any winter damage (or deer damage).

    You mentioned setting pots in the ground. Personally, I don't see any benefit that is going to affect the plants or roots. Whether above ground or below only as deep as a pot, you'll have the normal thawing and freezing anyway. I'd almost put money on it if I was a betting woman, that if you experimented and planted half your pots and didn't plant half of them, you would come up with basically the same result.

    Just my two cents!

    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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