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Thread: potting bench plans?

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    potting bench plans?

    Iwould like to have a weather proof potting bench out behind my tool shed...maybe pvc or something...any ideas? thanx

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    I built one out of treated lumber. My advice is make it a lot bigger than you think you will need. I did and it was still too small. Mine was L shaped, 30" wide with a 10' arm and an 8' arm and still too small!

    Jim Lang
    Manning, SC

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    i bought a sheet of 3/4 plywood yesterday do build a portable potting bench. it was 37.99 with tax.it has gone up do to the war.
    Uncle sam is buying treated lumber and sending it overseas.

    here is a link to some plans.


    here is a link to one i will build this weekend.


    shepp zone5/6

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    Well Shepp and all, I wish you good luck with your portable potting benches. My experience with treated plywood has all been bad. While it does resist insects, and milldew, the stuff wants to sperate when the weather gets to it. Just the wet/dry action causes the glue between the ply's to lose it's grip.
    Tom W
    Aching Back Farm

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    well Tom
    what do you suggest??????
    i didnt hear an alternative.
    i have had treated ply on coldframes and it still is working just fine.
    let me know

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    We have a marine grade treated lumber that is quite expensive, but worth the price...

    Part of the problem here is our excessive humidity, rainfall and termites. Lots of the lumber that you buy pretreated will not hold up for very long here.

    Treated landscape timbers only last a couple of years. Termites love the stuff.

    Extra treating helps, and so does the right kind of priming and paint.

    I don't know what else to say. You have to do what you have to do I suppose. Protect what you can. Prevent what you can and do your best.

    Just know that if you do go the cheap route that you may have to replace some of it. I think that is what Tom is saying because it is especially true in our part of the world.

    It's just a fact of life for some of us...

    I don't know about other areas of the country. You tell me!

    Enjoy and keep on trying...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    I have found the best board to use is the uhmw board it is rather expensive but is worth its weight in gold.Buy a sheet and screw it to a metal frame or plastic 2x4's. Sink 4 pole in the ground to support some shade cloth over you bench.Run a water line to the bench to water your plants and let them sit in the shade if required.

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