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Thread: thanx

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    Talking thanx

    what's where I live have to do with being crazy?
    please don't answer that

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    it doesnt .
    i just figured you should have them near you if you are in zone 5.
    i dont know if they are in the deep south is all.
    i dont want any hedgeapples but that doesnt make me sane

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    Mr Hedgeapple




    Telecaster- Oy Vey ! There is actually a Mr. Hedgeapple and it appears that my home state claims him as its own.
    Check out the links. It appears that he might sell seedlings(see the very last link) and provides an interesting method for seed starting.

    Please tell me if you would still like for me to harvest some hedgeapples and you can try the ‘slurry method’ that he describes; unless, of course, he can fix you up with some seedlings.

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about hedgeapples than any one person should ever know and to be alerted that this person lives nearby !
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    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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