Just a reminder to all, keep putting out fresh mouse bait or baiting those traps. The little guys like it better in our greenhouses and tunnels than outside, specially if we prepare them a nice handy dinner.

Lost near 100 of my newly germinated jap. maples last 2 nites, thankfully I have more than I need so I can refill those jiffy strips. Can't afford another night like those, tho.

I've gone to using traps in addition to the bait, so I can actually see what's eating my stuff.

So far caught a number of deer mice, nothing else. I know there are also meadow mice in the garden, but they might not be such a problem under my tunnels. Also had a rat hanging around, yikes!

One bit of good news, I saw my first ever weasel in one of the poly tunnels couple days ago. Since I don't have chickens, this will be my best friend out there...apparently they have to eat constantly which means bye bye to many mice and moles. Hope this one's sticking around to raise a family!

Glen in BC