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Thread: Pruning Roses

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    Question Pruning Roses

    Sent an email to the Antique Rose Emporium asking them when I should cut back roses this year (weather has been a little crazy) and they responded, "30 days before the last frost -whenever that is!" Seems, the pros are having a little trouble deciding on what the weather is going to do just like I am.

    Been having snow (4") and we don't get snow ... rain .. and ice and freezing every night (and we don't usually get that this time of year) got to be confusing my roses something terrible. First time I have seen rose bushes ordering their own little electric blankets.

    Got the yard cleaned up .. dead stuff picked up .. beds semi weeded and am ready for some warm growing weather.

    Didn't bother with trying to root any new roses over the winter ... need a climber to cover a fence but probably end up buying one. Want a red or yellow repeat and repeat ...bloomer and one not subject to black spot or bugs.

    Ann, hope u are doing well in the teaching end of things ... first year is the hard one .. rest are just a matter of surviving!

    Ok .. just dropped in to say hello .. be back when the growing starts again. Never did get my greenhouse built so my garage .. is full of plants again .. such is life.


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    Actually, my feelings about when to prune antique roses is that you can do it just about anytime in the south. I suppose that they are saying 30 days before last frost because that allows thirty days of semi-dormancy before fresh new spring growth appears.

    I haven't pruned mine in 2 years, and I assure you that they need it. Most of them are somewhat evergreen, and bloom best in the spring and fall. Even the everbloomers do not bloom much in mid summer.

    If the canes look dead or sickly, prune them now. Otherwise, I am planning on waiting for the weather to get warmer, so I can root the cuttings.

    Lots to do between now and then....
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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