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Thread: Hanging baskets?

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    Western Michigan near Muskegon

    Hanging baskets?

    What size hanging baskets do you do? How much do you sell them for? What types of plants do you use?
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Jan 2002
    10 inch basket .
    double impations.
    wave petunias.
    cascading petunia.
    regular petunias dont do well or sell well.
    trailing snapdragons.
    begonias but not this year.
    boston ferns.
    using calibrachoa this year.
    i have used ivies, not this year.
    i never have done a mixed basket where you would use spikes in it. i dont have the knack.
    10.00 bucks and tax is all can get , the same basket 60 miles west of me go for 20 and up.
    also i take several shepherds hooks to display them at the farmers market.
    i usually have 1/3 sold before that starts from word of mouth.
    i like to have them ready by mothers day.
    shepp .
    ps its 80 + degrees in the GH today 28 outside.
    need sunglasses and workin in a Tshirt.

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    Zone 9a - Gulf Coast

    Where did you get your calibrachoa? I don't recall ever seeing them on the market here, but they are supposed to be hardy in this zone.

    My favorite hanging baskets tend to be the rex begonia's, lipstick plants (various varieties), mixed succulents (easy care), strawberry begonia and hoya's. Other favorites include Christmas cactus and Kalonchoe.

    I enjoy my mixed hanging baskets, but they tend to outgrow their space rather quickly and start demanding too much water, so I may refrain from doing any more of them.

    Boston fern is extremely popular here. They are usually huge and gorgeous. Unfortunately, people don't realize that they have to be divided frequently or they become root bound and difficult to keep watered. So, they die, and people just buy new, healthy ones every year.

    Not a bad deal for the nursery business, huh?

    Good luck with your hanging baskets, Shepp! I must admit, though, that I have a weakness for the doubled and large flowered begonias.

    One more month now, so I am counting the days till last frost.... It's cold, wet and soggy right now, and I surely hope this spring will not be a drought like the last two. I am looking forward to my fingernails getting dirty from something other than dry erase markers. LAS!

    The urge to plant seeds is getting stronger and stronger.... In fact, the itch is awfully hard to resist!

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    i really think the are Ball seed . i recieved them by way of 2 other greenhouses.

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