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Thread: mum plugs

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    mum plugs

    I would like to find a place that sells to individuals? non commercial in other words..thanx

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    Small Mum Plants


    They sell garden mums in 6 paks here for about the same price as a 6 pack of annuals, but not usually until later in the year.

    You have to sometimes be careful when purchasing mums. Some of them are patented, but usually the garden varieties are not.

    A lot of times, the cuttings are wrapped carefully, sold and shipped without roots, then potted up after received. They are that easy to root.

    Mums are a BIG, BIG business here. In the fall, you can see them lined up by the masses at production nurseries, and the sight is gorgeous.

    Randy, they are so very easy to root that if you bought one larger potted one, you could create many, many of your own plugs in no time.

    Just be careful that they are not florists' mums. Florist mums are difficult to grow for an extended period of time outside of a controlled greenhouse environment.

    Direct Gardening on my main web page has some, and I am sure you can find others. Just be leary of florists' varieties...
    Ann B.
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