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Thread: Forcing Tulips, Hyacinths

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    Forcing Tulips, Hyacinths

    I'd like to prechill some tulip and hyacinth bulbs and then send them to my mother in Florida to plant and 'force' there. I was under the impression that I could just put the bulbs in a cool place for 10-13 weeks, send them to Florida and THEN plant there. What I read about forcing sounds like you plant the bulbs in soil and expose the potted bulbs to cold. So, my question is this...can I just chill the bulbs out of the soil ? (I could put them in perlite if they have to be in something). I'd love some advice.
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    Forcing bulbs

    Here is a link with alot of info, http://gardening.about.com/cs/msub26/a/aa112697.htm.
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