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Thread: Amaryliss

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    What should I feed my Amaryliss with? It is now getting ready to bloom again. I was very neglectful of it this past summer and let it sit in it's pot outside. When the weather started getting colder I brought it in and kept it under the sink. Brought it out 5 days ago, watered it and now it is 7 inches. I think it might be hungry? What do you think? As always thanks!
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Try fertilizing them every two weeks when they are not dormant. You can either use bulb food or a liquid fertilizer that is recommended for bulbs. Usually, the recommended strength is 5-10-5.

    Sounds like you are getting really good at these beauties. They are fun, aren't they!

    Merry Christmas!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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