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Thread: Hoops for hoophouse

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    Hoops for hoophouse

    I want to use 24' green house film,two layers one for the hoops and one for insulation blown up with fan.
    My question is how long do the hoopes have to be for good insulation results?

    John Sweaney zone 8

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    both layers of GH film go on the exterior of the greenhouse.
    if you are asking how long of a bow for that width of film ,check out the links that are with some of the posts about greenhouses.
    i lost all of my links a few months ago .
    any one have farmtek, atlas etc.what was the one you were leaning toward getting Ann?
    how much room do you have available to build your GH john 24 wide X 96 ft.
    a 24 wide house will take much wider plastic.
    do lots of homework on heating and cooling also.

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    The one I wanted last year was ia web special offered by Atlas. They no longer have that advertised special, but here is the link to view what they have:


    Be sure to write or call for one of their printed catalogs. The printed catalog contains much more.

    I will bump the Inexpensive Greenhouse thread for you. Also, it might help to look at Shepp's pictures in his greenhouse and coldframe threads. I will make sure those are toward the top also.

    Good LUCK! I love my greenhouse.
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    hoops for greenhouse

    John, both sheets of poly must be on top of the greenhouse.
    24' and 27' width polyhouses take a standard size of 40'.

    Double poly is great, just make sure that your fan doesnt stop, the poly will stick to each other. Its hard enough to separate 3' of poly that is stuck to the other sheet.

    I do recommend polylock. Dont try to use wood and nails to hold down poly or expect it to keep a nice secure seal this way.
    John you wont believe how many people try to use wood. You might get away with a single layer but not double poly.


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    hoops for greenhouse

    John, I read your question too fast. I thought you had a 24' greenhouse. You actually have a 24' sheet of poly.

    John 24' aint that much, a 20' greenhouse has a poly width of 32'. So your greenhouse is small.

    John I dont understand your question about greenhouse lenght. Do you mean the distance between the posts.

    John leave a message with the size of the greenhouse for a better answer, unless your like Shepp and want to bend your own hoops. Different ball game. George.

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