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Thread: Cool resturant!

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    Cool resturant!

    Hi All,
    Went to the coolest resturant today on my way back from dropping the skidder starter off at the repair place this morning. Thought of Shepp as it is an old railroad depot, turned into a family resturant, with cool old railroad artifacts decorating the 3 dining rooms. Good home cooked food and plentiful servings! Liked it so well, the 2 daughters,grandbaby and I went back for dinner after picking up the fixed starter! Got to stand on the original freight scale to pay the bill. Was built in 1891. The original water tower is still standing and reported to be the last original tower left in the state. So Shepp thinking of you, stay warm!
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    sounds cool
    i would like to go there someday later shepp

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