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Thread: Bent Peach Tree(but it's on sale)

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    Bent Peach Tree(but it's on sale)

    OK, by now I've established myself as a soft hearted (maybe headed) gardener. So, this should be no surprise. I have my eye on some sale trees one of which is an Elberta Peach. It's about 8 feet tall in the pot BUT it is bent on almost a 45 dgree angle immediately above the soil surface. Should I just forget it or can it be 'trained' ?
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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean, without a picture, but wouldn't you be able to just put the root ball in the ground at an angle, to compensate?
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    That was my thinking,too. Just hold the tree straight in the hole and bury so the tree stands straight. I do that in pots. Works fine.
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    If you haven't already bought it, or havn't missed it, here are a couple of things to check.

    Be sure it's not a faulty, or missed graft. It's OK for the graft to go off on an angle, but sometimes, the graft will not take, and new growth from the root stock will take over, and you end up with a nonproductive seedling.

    Check the bend carefully. The stem may have been broken or infected with a borer or some other insect.

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