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Thread: new bed?

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    Question new bed?

    Was wondering if I should double dig my new bed after removing the sod., or just add 4-6 inches coarse soil? I haven't any finished compost to till in yet. but worked on that, also. What soil amendment should I buy to till in? Any opinions?


    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Soil Amendments


    Our soil has a lot of clay in it, so I add peat moss and top soil. If it is very heavy clay, I also add sand for drainage. If I am planting something that doesn't like too much acidity, which we already have, I will supplement with pulverized lime stone (per directions) and add sand.

    Topping the soil with lots of mulch will also improve soil quality over time. And compost is the absolute best thing you can add. If you have dried up leaves, you can add it now. If they are thick leaves, make sure they are dry and brittle and when you till, it will break them up.

    Anyone else?
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    It Depends

    Hi, I have propagation beds as well.
    It depends on the type of materials you will be using. is this going to be a bed that you use flats in? If so you can layer the bed with pine straw, and then put your flats on top of it. Without any problems from weeds, or grass infiltrating your bed.

    Our beds are on rolling hills (what used to be rolling hills) they were tiny, and it was the perfect locations so we dug the ground out as well. When you dig the gound out you are scraping off the first 10 inches of soil and that is where the seeds for grass and weeds lay.
    But didn't you say this was a grassy area?
    I still think that you should be okay if you use the pine straw method and the flats.

    Of course, if the soil you will be adding is sand from a Sand Company you should be free of any seeds there. My inclination is to tell you that you will be alright, if this is the method you choose to use.
    Hope this has helped some.
    Kathy in Ga.

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