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Thread: storing cannas in plastic wrap?

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    storing cannas in plastic wrap?

    anyone tried this..it is supposed to work well for dahlias? when I store mine under the house I don't want to have to go back and check them to see if they r drying out!

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    storing roots

    telecaster-wrapping stuff tightly might work fine, but I'd worry about it getting too airtight and either suffocating or rotting.

    My dahlia expert neighbour stores his tubers in trays of vermiculite in a cool basement room. Humidity would be a nice moderate % there. (The way they keep track of varieties is quite good, too. Each tuber has a plastic tag on a wire wrapped around the neck of the tuber, plus they use a special "ink-pencil" to write directly on the root. Avoiding mixups with the varieties is important for exhibiting in dahlia shows).

    I don't usually have any vermiculite, so I popped my dahlias into medium ziploc bags with dry peat moss, then left the tops unzipped. That way I could write the variety name on the ziploc. This peat worked great, but the dahlia club swear by vermiculite for storage.

    My cannas did fine last winter in cardboard boxes with potting bark poured around them. I was more worried about them getting moldy than drying out...as long as they are quite cool they seem to tolerate being real dry.

    Glen in BC

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    I've stored my canna layered between newspapers in a cardboard box, then placed in the garage where they stay cool.

    Last winter, I tried storing them in extra plastic buckets I had on hand. Lost every rhizome to mold or rot. I think the buckets held the moisture too well.

    Back to boxes this season!

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