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Thread: Money Plant - Lunaria Annua

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    Money Plant - Lunaria Annua

    I was just given Money Plant seeds and told to plant in the Fall. Apparently this is a biennial and I just went through this with Hollyhock. I planted those seeds in August and they are working on their first 'true set' of leaves. I am skeptical as to how much they can grow, and still live through winter, before first frost. So, I am even more concerned with planting the money plant seeds now--or will they just germinate next year ? Also, I popped them into the fridge, but I'm thinking that if they are to be sown now for germination in spring that maybe that's not the best place(as they might think it's been winter and pop up now). Biennials confuse the heck out of me
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    Becky. I would leave seeds in the fridge til later in the fall when it is time for cold weather. The seeds will not germinate til spring. I have a lot of perennial seeds that I plan to do this with. I will put them in flats and into a cold frame. Money plant is pretty easy from seed so try this method unless someone else knows a better way.
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