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Thread: Hurricane Isabelle

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    Hurricane Isabel

    Hi, Everyone!

    I don't mind telling you that our eyes have been on this one, as it is with every tropical storm that could potentially come this way.

    As I sigh in relief that it has gone too far north to enter the Gulf of Mexico where it could directly threaten us, I also feel sadness for those who have to sit and watch in wait and prepare should this storm head their way.

    Having gone through many of these storms, I wonder and reflect on what has been the worst part of them, the winds or the floods. Well, I have to admit, they are both equally as bad. No one likes having 6-8 foot or even more of water in their homes any more than they like having their homes totally destroyed and blown away by winds.

    Isabel is a very strong storm, staying at around 160 mph. Frederick, if I remember correctly was 170 mph. And I can tell you from experience that I saw southern pine needles droven into trees several inches deep with strong winds. Considering how flimsy these pine needles are, and how strong the wood is, you can't help but be in awe of the power of that kind of wind and the gusts that a hurricane brings.

    My best wishes and prayers go to all in the path of this storm. I only wish that no one had to prepare for them, but if you are in the projected path, preparing and watching is all that you can do.

    My prayers are with you all. Please do your best to prepare and be safe...
    Ann B.
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    Isabel's wrath

    my son jared was out at sea when Isabel hit and he was worried about his vehicle that was parked in one of the parking lots on the base. He called and told us when he got back on land and said his truck did not receive any damage from the water but he did send this picture of a car trying to make it throughthe parking lot.
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