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Thread: Faulty solenoid valve

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    Faulty solenoid valve

    Has anyone ever experienced a faulty solenoid valve. I purchased the 1" orbit valve from Mortons last week. My mist system was up and running perfectly for 4-5days and then yesterday when I turned the timer on, nothing. I checked with an electical tester and verified that the transformer was giving off 24volts. Then I tested the other side of the sprinkler cable that attaches to the solenoid and that too is recieving 24 volts. Iam able to open the valve manually. Iam going to swap out the solenoid valve tomorrow and hope that it was just a faulty valve. It is weird that it worked perfectly for a few days. I thought about a possible power surge from lightning or something ,but that whole run is on a GFI circuit breaker that has not tripped . Any thoughts?

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    You might want to run down to Home Depo and get one or Ace hardware.I try to keeps parts on hand or have a fast exit to get parts on the week ends. Hope all goes okay.Hopefully Mortons will make it right and give you credit.

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