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Thread: Plant Labeling Ideas - For Plant Sales

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    Plant Labeling Ideas - For Plant Sales

    These are some pictures that I took at the Botanical Gardens Fall Plant sale. It might give you some ideas for some options for labeling.


    Ann B.
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    Gulf Coast

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    Cool Good Color Coordination technique

    That one is helpful too!

    The hardest part about the Backyard Nursery is pricing all of the plants. Some of them I know are't worth $4.00 and some of them are worth more than that.

    The color coding, would be helpful too. Still sort of working this part of it out.

    I'm almost sure that is the way I should go.
    Any other ideas about pricing?

    Trying not to spend a lot of money, and buying colored tags would add to the expenses.
    Once I make a profit then I will be able to invest the money back into the business for supplies like this. Any ideas for now?

    I've got it! What about spraying painting some mini blinds? There we go!
    Ann your idea of using the mini blinds many posts back, and then color coding them with spray! Wow that's simple enough!
    Any others out there?
    Kathy in Ga.

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