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Thread: PLEASE Help me Decide!

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    PLEASE Help me Decide!

    Okay, I have a dilemma..
    A very dear friend wants to buy me a gift of a new introduction Daylily from Marietta Gardens website! Oh my gosh, I am so excited my hands are shaking!!..lol.
    I get to choose whichever one I want so of course it is going to be one of the $100. ones!!
    Keep in mind I am wanting to choose one that would be a good parent to hybridize. Of course I want them ALL, but can only have one! I have my eye of "Walking With Bill" and "Century House".
    I would love to have all of your opinions..
    I will try to attach a pic of each on here... First one is "Century House"
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    Becki B.
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    Don't know how to add more than one pic at a time, sorry..
    Here is Walking With BIll..
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    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
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    You Might Not Want to Read This!

    Becki, Becki, Becki!

    What are we to do with you!

    If I were going to spend $100 on a daylily I'd go with

    32" M Reb Noc Ext Sev. (Mama's Blueberry Pie x Seedling). 5 " - 2 " - 1 ". Tetraploid. It is listed as being a 3 way brancher with 21 buds, also fragrant.

    M= mid season
    Reb= rebloomer (at least in Georgia)
    Noc= opens in the evening
    Ext= remains open throughout the next day

    Since this is a new intro, it wiould be hard to know who ir behaves as a parent. To find that out, you'd have to write to John or Elizabeth Shooter and ask; same goes for the hardiness. He does send out a lot of plant to various regions to be tested under various conditions ans he does warn against purchasing if a cultivar is more suited for one climate or the other.

    Personally, there are others, less expensive that I like much better. (Higer cost doesn't always mean they are the best, sometimes it means they are slow to increas.)

    Here are a few I like better:


    I like the rounder form and softer colors. You need to pick what you like.

    May I ask what you would be using with the new intor? What do you want to accomplish?

    Also remember that the F1 offspring don't always show the traits you are wanting to combine.

    All in all, 'WALKING WITH BILL' is one heck of a prospect. Write to the Shooters and ask them about it's fertility, ask if they have used it in their breeding program and if it preformed well for them. Ask, too, about it's hardiness.

    I know, I wasn't much help! Personally, I'd rather have two $50 plants than the one $100 plant. I'd pick the two whose traits you'd like to combine and go from there!

    (of Sunnyborrk Farms - )

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    Let's see.....

    How can one make up their mind? I could spend $10,000 if I had it spend on daylilies!

    I like many, many of the new introductions and these are some of the names I started writing down, then decided there are too many that I like.... LAS!

    Always Springtime

    Butterflies in Flight

    Boardwalk Cafe

    Baby Blue Eyes

    Always Tommorrow

    Gee! I think it would be easier to decide which one that I do NOT want, don't you?
    Ann B.
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    Gulf Coast

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    If you have seen any of my past pictures, you will know I am partial to yellow, and white.

    Looks to me as if you may end up more confused than before you asked this bunch.
    Tom W
    Aching Back Farm

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    Your'e right Tom!

    Geesh, it is getting harder and harder to decide!
    Rebecca, I wrote them and asked about fertility, haven't heard back, but your'e right, I need to know about that because that is what I want them for, hybridizing!
    I am drawn to doubles, spiders, Tetraploids in particular when it comes to Daylilies generally. I usually am not drawn to daylilies with "eyes" so to speak, but love the ruffled edges and edging colors on these two I showed.
    I only get to pick ONE plant though, regardless of the price, so I figured I needed to get one of the most expensive while I was at it. Ha! (Since I would never spend that kind of money on something for myself even IF I had it) tee ..hee.
    As soon as I hear back from them, I will post my info and let you all know..
    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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