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Thread: STOP! Don't throw away those Daylily Scapes--there are babies in there!

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    Becki, I would love to have some ruby stellas but I don't know if they come true from seed. There was a post recently about stella seed and I think it was Rebecca said they do not come true.
    Maybe we should check with her. Rebecca?
    I went to a local fish restaurant today and at it's entrance was the most unusual lily I have ever seen. Some of the petals were pink and some yellow. I will have to go get some more fish soon...
    tennessee sue

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    I heard my name being called and thought I'd better see what the ruccus was about!

    Write this down, now!

    Daylilies, being very highly bred to create the various colors and forms DO NOT COME TRUE FROM SEED. No "hybrid" plant will come true from seeds saved from such plants. There are a few exceptions, but daylilies are not one of them.

    On the other hand, if you had pure species and set seeds on them using pollen from another plant of the exact same species, then these would grow true from seed.

    Hybrids beget more hybrids. and the more complex the hybrid is the more variation will show up in any offspring produced by such hybrids.

    'Stella D'Oro will produce mostly yellow offspring. Some will look similar to Stella, just as children in hyman families look similar to their parents, but they are not their parents. Offspring raised from these self pollinated seeds seldom bloom anything like the parent and rebloom is almost non-existant. Therefore, it is my humble opinion that sowing and growing seeds from any of the Stella hybrids is a waste of time.

    I know y'all didn't want to hear that so I'll give you a little good news to go with the bad.

    If you should happen across a public dispaly bed of mixed daylily cultivars and find pods on those plants then you stand a much better chance that something interesting would show up in the offspring. Bees have most likely done most, if not all, of the pollinating of these flowers so that means there's a better than average chance that 'different' pollen was introduced and a whole new set of genetic material was introduced.

    I will, not doubt, have more seeds this fall than I will have room to grow (it's so hard to stop dabbing that pollen once you get started), I'm sure I will be able to share the extras with any of you willing to invest two years in growing them to blooming size. Let me know. I've made nearly 60 crosses to date, some, but not too many, have failed and there's still new plants in scape that haven't opened their first bloom yet!

    As far as that goese, I've still got a hundred or so seedling from this year's crop that have to go somewhere and it won't be in any of my beds! They're all , more or less, lost tags, but you'd stand a better chance of getting something worthwhile from them than from seeds collected from and of the 'Stellas'.

    Sorry to burst your bubble there , Becki, but it had to be done!


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    Rebecca, I would be glad to take the unwanted seedlings off your hand s for the price of postage if you are interested. If you are email me privately.
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    Daylilies are the Lord's smile, a new one everyday

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    Oh, GEE!

    Save some for me! I have PLENTY of ROOM!

    Your seedlings are so very pretty! I would make a special daylily garden and call it 'Rebecca's Garden'....

    I'd be honored to have some of your seeds!!!!

    How nice of you!

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Awwww Heck!

    You are right as usual! I don't know why I forgot all about them not coming true from seed if they've been self pollinated.... geesh!
    Oh well, I am still gonna plant them and see what happens. NOT in MY garden, but will plant them somewhere else in this apartment complex where I can find room..lol.
    Please put me on your list for any leftover seeds or seedlings! Will be happy to trade or buy them outright or at least do the postage thing!
    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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