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Thread: Mystery Daylily

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    Mystery Daylily

    Hi Everyone!
    I was given a large clump of daylilies several weeks ago by my daughter's mother-in-law. She didn't know the culitvar nor remember where she had gotten it, just that it was "pretty"..lol.
    Anyway, I divided up the clump while I had it out of the ground and replanted and most all are now blooming. I am not usually a big fan of any orange daylilies , but these are awesome. and I am hoping someone might be able to identify it for me. The scapes stand about 25" tall and the bloom is a good 7" across. The colors did not come out very true though with my digital camera. It really is a bit more of a dark salmon blush color on the ends of the petals and not so overall orange as it appears in this pic.
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    What you have is what is called a Spider-Varient (Ithink), not your ordinary dayliliy. It does look a bit familur but I couldn't even begin to tll you who it is! I have looked at so many photos of spider form DL's lately they are all beginning to run together in my mind!

    I do have a link that you might find helpful in trying to ID that plant: http://spiderydaylily.homestead.com/index.html

    If you'll send me the phot as an attachment I'll post it on the Daylily-Spider Group I belong to and someone there might know who it is. I might even be able to correct the color a bit and get it closer to what it really looks like.

    And, BTW, I like it, I like it!!


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