Hi, there was a post about compost tumblers, and mulch.
(Don't remember the title.)

Since we are in the South, Iced Tea is a big thing here, and we go through a pitcher of Tea a day.
The tea bags are great for adding extra moisture to your plants and flowers.

I have alot of water based flowers,(impatiens) in my flower beds. These flowers wilt very easily, and this year was very hard to keep them from drying out so quickly.

Well, I was using the left over tea bags. I do not rip open the bag, I kept everything intact, and pulled back enough soil to pat the tea bag in the ground, and then recover with the soil. This helped so much to maintain the moisture level of the plants. I actually did this for all of my plants, in the gardens!

For each plant I used 3 (family size) tea bags, and they have done so well! The plants now take at least 4 days before they wilt, whereas... I had to water them everyday!

Yet another tip, for the compost pile...
Lemon peels, and the sort, can be added directly to your compost pile, and tilled in. When you till the additions into the ground, you should not have ant problems.

We have tons of ants in our yard, but none that nest near or in our compost pile!
The good thing is you are doing your part, and saving the earth from more piles of Garbage!

Anything biodegradable, can be put into your compost pile, except for
Meat, grease, greasy foods.

I WOULD NOT do this with your compost pile, if this pile is going to be used for the sell of plants, and the growing of plants (to be sold), for this could be a Health Risk, and considered unsanitary.
This particular pile is for MY use only! In MY flower Beds, and yard.

Composting is great fun too! Watching your yucky soil turn into GREAT STUFF!
kathy in Ga.