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Thread: Shredded mulch

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    Shredded mulch

    Ive been getting 40 yrds of shredded mulch every year. I used to pay $3.00 per yrd, now they want $8.00 a yard, but if I buy the shredded mulch that has been coloured its $3.00, NOT pine or cedar. Does this make sense or what.

    They apparently have to colour the wood so theres an expense.
    They tell my that "eventhough the regular mulch is not coloured people think its more cheap, to me the plain wood is more expensive". Im not a hundred percent sure but it certainly does tell me that something crooked is going on.

    Either their recycling all types of wood that would be noticed.
    By colouring the wood nobody knows whats in there.

    I personally am waiting for my shipment of plain mulch. I dont want any chemicals leaching into my trees. 90% of the mulch is being used to cover the rootball of the trees.

    You have to know what your getting before you buy. Watch out for that red material. Ive never used it so I cant say much. George.

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    colored mulch

    I would be very sceptical of any colored mulch. You sure don't want to pay for shredded arsenic treated wood and that is exactly what is probably happening. The shavings of treated wood are sold as mulch and colored either dark brown and now sometimes that ugly red color!

    When I buy mulch, I buy it from a tree trimming company and specifically ask that it not be colored! I actually prefer the free stuff that is delivered twice a year in our suburb to those homeowners who ask. It is not the prettiest mulch because it is very course, but it comes from tree trimming and brush pickup. Once your garden is up and growing, the mulch doesn't stand out anyway.

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