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Thread: do most cuttings need light to root?

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    do most cuttings need light to root?

    it seems like when I put my cuttings under lights and tent them..they get to warm..should I bring tjem outside and put them under a shade tree or would that be enough light? thanx

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    Bottom heat is useful to most cuttings but not overall heat. I keep mine in filtered shade at least until they start getting good root systems.
    Hope this helps.
    tennessee sue

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    What kind of cuttings are they?

    I don't know what you are propagating, but for most plants natural light will work just fine. Move them out, tent and all. Just make sure the sun doesn't get to them. Inside that tent they will get much too hot in a matter of just a few minutes.
    Tom W
    Aching Back Farm

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    shade for rooting cuttings

    My mist area is under 70% shade, and has worked better than the full sun mist setup I started with a few years ago.

    If you're tenting cuttings, rather than mist, you're more prone to overheating so I'd be sure the shade is uniform, even a few minutes of sun peeking in could really cook em.

    I have a low PVC tunnel covered in overwintering white poly. It's 24 feet long with the ends left open. This stays nice and cool all day, and no hot spots like you could get under a shade tree with the odd sunny spot peeking thru. Flats with the thin poly tenting over them could be stuck in such a shade structure, just have to watch that the breezes that blow thru the tunnel don't lift off your "tents".

    I also like bottom heat, which is set at about 68F. This comes on mostly at night this time of year, but really helps in rooting many things. The coolness at night might help to encourage roots, rather than topgrowth, with the warm bottoms/cool tops kind of deal.

    I guess some folks wouldn't get it coming on much at night even. It's hard for me to imagine living where it stays hot all night...but then it's hard for me to imagine having an easy time growing melons and tomatoes...but I'll put up with that as long as I can sleep easily in a cool bedroom in summer.

    Glen in BC

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    cuttings need light to root

    I would bring them over to some semi-shade. Less exhausting for the cutting. George.

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