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Thread: Clematis, what now?

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    Clematis, what now?

    My clematis gave me a dramatic showing, but now the flowers have all fallen off. There are more buds growing for another show. But what do I do with the spent flower heads? In the past, I have let the plant do what it must. If I cut off the old heads, will this help or hinder the growth?

    Thanks for any input. This plant has now reached the height of 20 feet, and I'd hate to kill it.


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    Jodie-I'm trying to think if there's any plant that would be harmed by removing the seed heads/old flowers. Can't think of any offhand.

    This would help to push more growth, rather than making seeds...but then, how much spare time do you have! Removing old flowers ("deadheading") can take all day if you've got a big garden, and the clematis will do fine without it...never seen anyone doing it with clematis actually, coz you're often talking about a ton of old flowers, some up pretty high.

    Go for it, if you like!

    Glen in BC

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    Clematis, what now

    Jodie- Im not an expert on this subject like others on this board, but Ill put in my two cents.

    Once the flower has finished blooming, you my cut the finished bloom, but not necessary. The blooms will fall automatic.

    I dont see a benefit to cutting old blooms. unless their roses. Thats a whole different subject.

    Jodie you may or you may not. George.

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