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Thread: garden air finally over..here's what I learned

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    Lightbulb garden air finally over..here's what I learned

    actually I posted this earlier as a farmer's market...but it was just a one day sale...didn't make much but learned a few things...if anyone out here has a chance to do one of these please don't be afraid to...I was the smallest vendor with the fewest plants but the experience and lessons I learned were invaluable.. just do it..no matter how small your operation...all I had was some stuff from my back yard and a couple of flats of annuals and I still made $50,,but I learned a lot
    1) if it's not blooming..don't try to sell it unless u have a pic
    2} be nice and talk to everyone if they r buying or not
    3}ask other vendors for advice,,most plant people are very nice
    4}people are nuts over hanging baskets...especially petunias?
    5}get as close to other vendors as possible and watch and see 6}what everyone is buying
    7} be prepared before the day of the sale,,have change..boxes for customers ect...
    8} blooming perennials in 1 gallons are very popular
    9} try to have some things that no one else will,,one of my most popular items was a varigeated sweet pot vine

    I can't wait untill next year!

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    Great! Now that you have your feet wet why not try the farmers market or the flea market? Keep up the momentum.
    Good luck.
    tennessee sue

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    Oh, I do like the tricolored (variegated) 'Pink Frost' sweet potatoe vine. It is marginally hardy here, but I may try some of it on the south side of my home near brick this winter. This is also on higher ground so it is not subject to the colder microclimate portions of my landscape.

    I also like the chartreuse one known as 'Marguerite' and the deep burgundy one called 'Blackie'. There is also a deep colored heart shaped burgundy/purple one that looks great. Both burgundy sweet potatoe vines look great in a hanging basket with the chartreuse one.

    Good observations at the market. Thank you ever so much for sharing them with us.

    You sound like you are well on your way...

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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