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Thread: growth inhibitors

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    growth inhibitors

    I read somewhere that the box stores get plants,, such as trop hibiscus, that have been sprayed with chemicals to stunt their growth for some reason...does this affect the longevity of the plant and is here anything u can do to overcome this/thanx

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    growth inhibitors

    Many plants are treated with products with names like Cycocel and A-rest, etc. This is to reduce elongation of stems between leaf nodes, to produce a bushier plant, and prevent legginess. I don't think it affects longevity, and the effects eventually wear off. Every so often, in the trade magazines, there will be an article on using these products. They will usually have a picture of a treated plant along side of an untreated, or control, plant, and the treated one, invariably, looks better. The same effect can be achieved by shearing, or pruning, so the process is, sometimes, called chemical pruning. Many plants can be treated with a spray application in minutes, where hand pruning could take hours.
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