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Thread: JAP MAPLES plant out or not?

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    JAP MAPLES plant out or not?

    I just bought 2 lace leaf JAP MAPLES and am not sure what I want to do with them,,,can i just put the whole pot in the ground for the winter or what should I do in zone 5? they r about 24 inches tall

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    Telecaster, are you cofused where to plant them, or are you looking for advice for winter protection.

    Laceleaf maples are more sensitive than a Bloodgood Maple.

    Either way I recommend all my customers to protect them by putting three 2x2s or t-bars in the ground to form a triangle. Then wrap burlap around them and tie until secure.

    I do this to my Japanese yew under my sign.
    Hope this helps. George.

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