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Thread: I need your help!

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    I need your help!

    Okay fellow gardeners, I need your input, suggestions and opinions here!
    I have just moved a few weeks ago into a small apartment and my landlord has not very willingly given me permission to plant stuff along the whole side of my apartment building, BESIDES what I have around my own patio and along the front walk that connects me apartment to the neighbors. My new neighbor is a real sweet gal who is in a wheelchair (paralyzed from the waist down) and since I am usually out doors working in my new beds planting stuff all the time I am home, she comes out to talk to me and often I see her out rolling down the sidewalk just looking at my flowers. She made the comment the other day that she would give anything to be able to get down out of that "chair" and play in the dirt and plant something. That comment has bugged the heck out me trying to figure out what I cuold do for her. I would really like to build some kind of raised (waist high) planter or something that she could easily reach, that was also trasportable (so the landlord wouldn't say it was stationery), fill it with some kind of easy care plants (perennials that would winter over outdoors as she has no place inside to take them) and I have no tools but a hammer and drill..lol.
    Now, give me some ideas and suggestions here! I am counting on your help with this..
    Thanks ever so much in advance of course, cause I hope you will jump in here on this one!
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    Becki B.
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    need help

    Ok ... this is for neighbor in wheel chair ...

    How about getting her hooked on African Violets ..... u can root those just about any way u want... and they have racks made to hold the pots .. so u can go vertical if space is limited.

    Also, what about container planting boxes ... lot of plants in planter box .... forced bulbs and that sort of thing.

    planting stand for the wheel chair can be made from a piece of plywood. u can get someone to cut out a " U " on one side and that would fit around her in the chair. Idea is a "lap desk" only bigger ... would need to allow room for her to get her arms on wheels if she rolls it by herself .... or room for electronic joy stick if motorized. Should be able to attach it someway to the chair so it won't turn over on her. Could make or set up on existing shelf .. high enough for her to reach that would hold potting soil and other supplies ... idea is to make what she needs accessable .. if she is like most physically challanged ... she just needs to be able to reach it .. not have it done for them. If she needs to reach something a little higher .. get her one of the "extension" arms that u squeeze to open and close any medical supply company should have or be able to get.

    You might also consider getting her some seed starting "kits" and having her help u grow the annuals u will put out on the apartment walls ... she wants to "play in the dirt" .. move it to where she can reach it .. and get out of her way.!!

    Sounds like ur neighbor is lucky to have u in the complex ...


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    Something to keep in mind:
    Packing peanuts are a great way to lighten up the weight of any container your going to put together. Just mix them in the soil in the bottom half of the container.
    Good Luck!

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    Great Ideas Jim and Sue, thanks!

    LOVE your idea, never thought of that! That would save having to buy all that potting soil to fill it!
    African Violets can't be grown outdoors can they? She has no room in her apartment for plants or even to winter anything over.
    I love your idea of cutting the plywood U shaped (her wheel chair is motorized) and making her a "lap desk" sort of table for her to work on and she could set some containers on the top of it as well if she liked! I at least have a jog saw and could do that! I have not been in her apartment, but if it is like mine, there is no where indoors or even outdoors on our patio to store tools. I have my shovel and trowel hanging on a wall on a rack where my broom is..lol. Now that is an idea! I could get her the same kind of rack to hold a garden trowel or whatever else she might need. As far as containers go, it might be lots less expensive to just buy her some large pots and just invert an inexpensive window box type thingy to et them on than building anything. I am on a pretty tight budget myself, but I will see what I can do. I THOUGHT I had a good idea and talked with one of the other neighbors here and asked if she thought a few of us could go together and do this project for my neighbor and she just looked at me funny like I had a lot of nerve..lol. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea..
    Anyway, thank so much for all your input!
    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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