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Thread: hisbiscus plant

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    hisbiscus plant

    I have a question regarding hibiscus plants. I split my plant this spring before new growth was showing. I've never done this and wasn't sure how to properly do this. The six new plants I replanted have not shown any growth. Each plant had roots. Anyone tell me how to do this next time properly? Thanks.

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    Welcome to Landspro, Sumrnsun!

    I can tell you about my experience with them. Perhaps, others can share in their's.

    You didn't say whether yours was a "hardy" hibiscus. Most of mine are marginally hardy here. The ones that I have in the ground are herbaceous in my landscape. Some of the tropical ones will go dormant with the slightest frost, and I have to overwinter these, but they sprout new growth on their stems in the spring.

    One thing that I have noticed is that the hardier ones are relatively slow to start growing again, but once they do, they grow rapidly.

    I have been known to divide/separate them just about any time of the year here. I just keep them watered very well when the temperatures start to rise.

    Hopefully, yours have simply not started to grow yet.
    Ann B.
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