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Thread: Overwintering Geraniums

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    Overwintering Geraniums

    I can't remember where I saw this thread about overwintering Geraniums, but it is something I do almost every year if I think about it before the first frost.
    Sometime in the early fall BEFORE the first frost and when your Geraniums are still looking good, I dig them up, shake almost all the soil off, throw them in a paper bag and throw them on the top of a dark closet and forget them. Talk about easy!
    I repot them in the house in very early spring to give them some TLC and a watered down fertilizer treatment (Miracle Gro) and keep the soil moist and put them in a sunny window.They will look all withered up and dead but they aren't! When the start showing growth again, I harden them off and plant outside where I want them. If they look a bit leggy from indoor growth, I break off all their "legs" (OUCH) and let them start over...lol.
    If they were in a pot, you could also just bring the pot in and let them die down and dry out in the pot and then in the warm spring put them back out again and water well. I don't have room to bring all my pots in, and don't want all the work of dragging the pots in and out while I harden them off, so I do it the first way I described. You do lose a few, I have to warn you, but you planned on losing them anyways so I figure it is a nice bonus for a gardener to keep any of them at all.
    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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    That's a great tip, Becki!

    Thanks for sharing it. I think I first heard about this method on Rebecca's Garden show on HGTV. Have you ever watched her show?

    Have you tried rooting the broken legs (OUCH & LAS!)?

    They seem to root fairly easy for me...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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