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Thread: who is doing perennials from seed for their nursery/greenhouse sales ?

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    Jan 2002

    who is doing perennials from seed for their nursery/greenhouse sales ?

    i am currently doing
    coneflower white and purple
    daisies single and doubles
    grasses bluefescue and miscanthus
    black eyed susan -rudbeckia folgida goldsturm
    now this one all i have read says you cant do them .
    someone that has experience tell me i can .{division only}???
    i dont think so !!!
    i have been doing them for 3 years from seed and going gangbusters this year with them "BES goldsturm"
    any body seriously producing any other perennials?
    when i ask this i mean 100s to 1000s of a variety ?
    let me hear from you. thanks all !
    shepp zone 5/6 with temps down to 30 tonite, i hope this unforcast rain doesnt turn to snow , well maybe i do then i wont get frost.

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    Dec 2002
    northeast Tennessee
    Perennials and herbs are my thing. I have started some gaillardia and maltese cross (lynchis), perennial herbs like catnip and lavender and rosemary. This year I hope to collect a lot of seeds from things I also do cuttings and divisions from like lovage and geraniums.
    I got some seeds today that I had ordered. Mahonia repens,rhondo.adenogynum,passiflora etc.
    I usually start perennials from seed most of the summer to have for next year.
    We start in flats and then pot up. Is this how you do it? I started some celandine poppies last year. They came on beautifully but only a few wintered over. Any experience with them?
    I started some lavender bee balm last year that is really nice this year. I just divide my red since it grows so well, but will save seed this year.
    Something else I got hold of last year is a plant of agastache reputens ?spelling). It has beautiful coral orange tubular flowers and WOW the fragrance. I love all the agastaches. Grow honey bee blue and white.
    We started a mother garden last year with a lot of perennials and I have a good size perennial bed. Lots of seeds and cuttings this year., I hope.
    Even though the winter was rough the plants seemed to get a boost from all the moisture after several years of drought. Everything is up beautifully and all the flowering trees and shrubs here have outdone themselves with blooms.
    I have 2 colors of rock rose that I want to propagate this year. Have you tried them? I'm going to try cuttings and save seed.I think they are pretty and they spread well. Should sell well as they bloom a long time.
    I'm trying to get all my perennials up to Qts. or larger. Occasionally use 4 inch pots. What size do you prefer if you have a choice? (due to plant size).
    I think we had discussed before getting them to bloom well in pots. I got some bloom booster fertilizer. Will let everyone know how it works.
    tennessee sue

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    gee whiz sue you were really overflowing with enthusiasm with that post!
    i use some quarts first year and trade gallon second so far.
    i start seeds in plugs trays and pot up to trade gallon if doing well.
    why so i have better luck with overwintering.
    any that i had potted up before fall last year did very well.
    tonite i dug and potted crazy daisies that were field grown.
    thats the first time i have done that with a perennial.
    you grow herbs and this is my first year.
    just gettin my feet wet with herbs.
    so far i am doing the basic perennials like i listed.
    they all sell well for me.
    i always wish i had more ready .
    btw i dont do any roses, i have plenty on my plate without those.
    i divided my beebalm a few weeks ago .
    i am always adding and deleting shrubs from my propagation list.
    and putting some back on the list.
    i know some dont like stella D oro daylillies but i have enuf to keep me busy for a solid month daylight to dark just repotting them.
    next year i think i will sell fans 4 for a buck.
    as far as using bloom buster i buy peters by the 50# bag.
    it kicks butt with the hanging baskets.
    i have been using on coleus also.
    i use a hozon siphon works well with the right spray knozzle.
    none of my spray wands work with it.mainly due to water pressure at the head.
    i pump water a long ways from my spring so i lose a lot of pressure along the way.
    someday that will change.
    but in a nutshell i think more perennials are forthcoming to this nursery. which ones i dont know yet.
    hey maybe i will even learn how to vernalize them so they bloom the same year.
    lots to do this weekend , digging and potting what i have.
    shepp zone 5/6
    low of 30 again tonite. frost last nite in some areas.

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    Dec 2002
    northeast Tennessee
    Shepp, I do get enthusiastic over herbs and perennials. I also plan on a lot more perennials next year and more wildflowers and shade plants.
    I find if I start the perennials in the summer they usualy bloom the next year. I plan to order a lot of seed next week. Our biggest sale of the year is this weekend and I'm still potting herbs.
    We have 2 new propagation books and I am going to try perennials from cuttings too. Usually just used cuttings for shrubs and trees so why not perennials? These 2 new propagation books have me really excited about increasing our stock this year.
    tennessee sue

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    small startup what should I grow?

    at a recent garden fair I noticed lots of gallon perennials being sold ,,couldn't really tell what was what though
    here's what I have decided on so far

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    Try Coreopsis!

    Coreopsis are another die hard perennial you should try!
    The newer cultivars especially like Moonbeam or Sunburst..
    Moonbeam has the teeniest lacy leaves not at all like most coreopsis, and grows like a shrub..Most have tradionally been golden yellow and very striking in a garden. Now I see they have a new one out called Ruby Limerock which is just like Moonbeam only red blooms instead.
    I got two of those just a month ago and it seems they have filled in extremely fast and loaded with blooms just about to open. I even broke off a couple of side branchs because they had teeny roots at the base of the stalk that were TRYING to get to the dirt, so I broke them off and planted. They too are doing extremely well and didn't seem to notice I had separated them from mommy..lol. These two plants were exactly the same size when I bought them. I put one in a pot for my patio in full sun and the other in the ground in full sun. Both have great soil and get plenty of water (since it has rained for amonth it seems). The one in the pot is quite a bit taller and wider than the other. I think it is because of the depth of "good" soil.. Oh well, another lesson to be learned about double digging further down..lol.
    Also, perennial Snapdragons are hard to find around here in nurseries and therefore much sought after..lol. They would be another great seller for you!
    As would Veronica (blue bloom) and Delphinium, especially the mauves and blues..
    Blues seem to be a great selling color that everyone wants in their garden.
    Just my 2 cents..
    Becki B.
    Central Ohio
    Zone 5b-6

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