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    Has anyone had any "good" experience with small composters ... either fixed or tumblers?

    I don't have room for a large one but would like to be able to recycle the good stuff.



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    I have a small tumbler composter. There is more to it than meets the eye. You have to have all the green and brown cut very small or mowed over and the portions and moisture have to be exact to get compost in a couple of weeks. I personally have never been able to do that. I may not have tried hard enough. I now use it to mix my bagged soil, peat and fertilizer it's faster than doing it by hand. good luck
    Log Cabin Pat

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    Wink Another Way!

    Hi jim, pat,

    That is a great idea with the tumbler! Gosh wish I had one!

    We have a compost pile that is about 10feet long and about 3 feet wide, we also have a roto tiller. We did not make a fence or a bin for this pile we just pile the compost stuff ontop of it, and then till it into the ground. We looked into the tumblers, and they are so very expensive! For now we Don't want one!

    But lets talk about the "Black Gold" they call it. As Log Cabin Pat mentioned you are supposed to have mulch in a couple of weeks with this tumbler. I can't say for sure.

    But I do have a secret! With a mulch pile like ours, (which was nothing but sand when we started about 2 months ago) after we have added the yard debris, and have tilled it in; We get a pile of pine straw and put it on top of the compost pile, and then set it on fire.
    that is the secret. Heat will make the debris break down at a much faster rate, and by setting a fire, it heats up the bottom layers of the pile, and now, our (sand pile) is turning into compost.

    It is getting a rich look to it, that we will soon be able to enjoy!
    The simple fact that we didn't have to spend ANY money on making this pile! Not to mention our plants will love us for it!

    Another tip, if money is a concern to anyone...Call a painter, see if they have any 50 gallon paint buckets you could get. Start your compost in that. Poke a several air holes in the bucket, for air circulation is a key to the decomposing process as well! It is not back breaking work to shovel, and turn, like the "Bin" type compost piles are.
    Just roll on the ground and then it is mixed and you are done!

    Hope that helps!
    Kathy in Ga.

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    Lightbulb Another tip too!

    I've always heard that coffee grounds make a good plant fertilizer, So I was using the daily coffee grounds to put them on my house plants, then that expanded to the flower beds.
    Then I thought, well what about tea grounds (from the tea bags) So I've been doing that too!

    Our yard was nothing but sand, and we couldn't afford to spend money on potting soil, so this is how I have been building up the flower beds this year. They are still sandy, but not like they were.

    I stopped putting the coffee grounds,and tea bags in the flower beds.
    Now I put them in the compost pile.

    So many differnt things about Gardening! It offers so much versatility! It's great fun, you just have to be willing to do the work!
    I LOVE IT!
    Have Fun Everybody!
    kathy in Ga

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    Appreciate the advice but will have to wait until they lift the burn ban before we can try the 'fire' method ... might get us some compost .. but it would 'for sure" get us a ticket.

    Take care,


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    Wow, This is a Tough One

    Wow, you would come up with one of the toughest subjects around. It is a very complicated one, and I hope everyone will contribute.

    I, for one, will have to stop and give it a lot of thought, then I will see what I can come up with... I can be slow at times, so I am encouraging everyone to brainstorm on this one!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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