I hesitated to include this publication, but there is an awful lot of information in it which helps explain some of the important considerations you should make before choosing which plants that you decide to grow and market, and how you choose to propagate them.

First, I would like to explain... I have grown many pansies from seed. Most of these seeds, I have harvested myself. You see, where I am, there are actually 3 seasons for pansies. They are extremely popular, and the sales are the largest in the fall. They grow and thrive, and like most true annuals (coleus, impatiens, for example), if allowed to go to seed, they begin to decline.

Most people just buy another flat of them for the winter months. They continue to bloom all winter long, and probably do best here during that time of the year.

New shipments have arrived on the garden center shelves for spring planting. These will not last long in our gardens, as they will rapidly go to seed and expire. They will not survive our summer heat, so you won't find very many for sale here in the 'our' late spring which arrives in about 2 months.

Still, people buy them over and over by the flat, not by the six pack, and you see them everywhere.

Indeed, they are one of my favorite annuals....

Like I said, I have grown them from seed, but it is difficult. Often, you have to leave them in a dark, cool and humid place for a short period of time before putting them under lights.

What they say about germination rates here is true. The temperature is the hardest thing to control. Note, that it takes 11 weeks for them to flower when grown from seed. 11 weeks before Fall is MIGHTY hot here!

It is my understanding that most of ours are shipped in as plugs or 6 packs from Texas and Florida.

I didn't purchase any this year, and I must say that I truly missed these blooms in my garden!

I hope you will read the article irregardless of whether you will grow pansies for market... Actually, some of you may have the right conditions, and if you learn the ropes, there is a HUGE market out there for them!

Pansy Production and Marketing

by the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service

Again, I hope you will read this one. It will give you lots of 'food' for thought in regard to knowing your climate and your market as well as production requirements...

They are selling them in hanging baskets right now, and I have to admit, they look very nice in a hanging basket!