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Thread: Mist timer

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    Mist timer

    Was surfing around and found this timer schematic, and thought it was interesting.


    I don't know enough about electronics to build it myself
    but I bet I can find someone to make it pretty cheap?

    I've been using a homemade manual timer built from an old darkroom timer that was lying around

    Might try to post some pics of it this week


    P.S. This is my first post, and Ann I love your site.
    I've been lurking here for months. I have learned SO much.
    thank you

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    dont be afraid to spend a little money . the dependabilty will more than pay for itself.
    click on this post.

    scroll down to beesknees post.read that carefully .good info
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    thanks shepp

    I agree 100 percent. Reliablity is very important.
    The homemade timer served me well.
    But I do worry about my 300 babies.

    beesknees info was wonderful, however are those timers that flexable?
    Do you have to buy a different timer for each duration 21/2sec.5sec,10sec, etc?
    Or did I read it wrong?
    How about this cyclestat timer
    Ever use one?
    both options are still very pricey.
    I still think it is possible to build an electronic timer from that schematic I posted for about 20 bucks worth of parts.
    I could trade an electronics guy some plants in return for him building it.

    sorry about all the questions I am always trying to learn.

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    Thanks, Kevin and Shepp!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    i wont have to click on your link, thanks anyway .
    i use the 24 hr clock and the ten minute clock -intermatic .
    so far that is all i need.they have worked without fail.
    i expect they will last a lifetime. cant say that about much.
    but they should due to the low amperage i am using .doesnt take much to operate a few solenoids and a couple of transformers.
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    I haven't ever built his timer before but talk to Bob several times he's a very nice man .You can get all the supplies at radio shack I believe he said you can build it for 10 or 20 bucks very reliable.Whats good about it you could build two or three and have some back ups.What people fell to see hear is what are you going to do when an 100 to 400 dollar unit does tear up ,can you take off 3 or 4 days from work to get one shipped to you. I cannot stand by and babysit my plants or leave them under mist all day.I talk to a large grower a couple weeks ago that been in business several years he says back up always have back ups.
    He's learned the hard way.When a strom came in and tore off poly off two of his greenhouse. Took him a week to get the poly here. Another time one of his heaters pilot light blew out freezeing all his plants no alarm was in place. he put in alarm after that. He has taking this one step farther and instead of have 10 separated house each with a heater he tied them all together with gutters so if one heater goes bad the heater on each side can pretty much keep the temp up.
    About the poly when the spring comes he takes the poly off and saves it in case the next year poly gets destroyed he has a back up. I don't know about you but I would have a realy hard time starting over with no profits to be made that year. I couldn't imagine losing 30 by 95 house gone bad like he has.

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    It could be devastating

    i cant imagine having all your eggs in one basket either.
    timers i can get 5 minutes from my home and have it back on in a hour.
    plastic is another story.
    when i build my coldframes and greenhouses i make them 48 feet long.
    one more of each is going up this year along with a 32 foot shade house.
    i cant see adding to either of these in length because i could recover any of them in four hours where 96 feet would take a lot more hands .if i had lots of emplyees i can see having long houses.
    less heaters vents HAF fans ,exhausts. cooling equipment.
    but i dont so i wont.
    and i have been wrestling with going bigger or staying the same.
    i am going to stay small.
    and it wont be long that i will just contend with just cold frames.
    even if i lose plastic in one it wont be so crammed i couldnt move plants into one of the other houses.
    so much of what i grow could survive without a coldframe anyway.
    untill i start doing direct struck cuttings i wont have extra of anything on hand.btw every day i go to work in the summer i worry more that the electricity will go off and my well wont be on
    and everything dries out or the greenhouse will overheat because ventilation is off. but then i am one of the first to know when it is out.because i am one of them that gets the power back on.so i can stop by and turn on my own generator.
    another reason why i do cuttings on bottom heat in the winter is to reduce the amount of eggs in my basket.
    if i lose power, the hardwood cuttings will be ok for a few days .
    i have a barrel of water in that greenhouse!just in case.
    my 24 hour time clocks are less than 50 bucks and the ten minute timer is less than ninety.i have 2 of those.so should the 24 hr quit i just omit that one and plug right into the A.C.plug direct.
    i would say fat chance both of the ten minute timers would ever go bad simultaneously.if it does it was just meant to be.
    or happen on a rainy day huh.
    i try to prepared but like all humans i will miss something.
    i have no desire to make my own timers!
    i dont have a problem if someone else wants to.
    i am a doit my selfer.but i cant let a nickel hold up a dollar.
    my time can be better used doing other things around the nursery. no shortage of things to do ! which one to tackle first.
    btw because i have CRS on ocassion i bought one of those melamine marker boards with a dry erase marker. and it is always in use. adding to and erasing what has been done.
    that has been a great memory inducer. and has allowed me to get caught up.but never ahead.
    the sun is shining so its time to get busy.
    and gene thanks for the post on the soil mixes.
    shepp zone 5/6

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    Hey Shep
    I don't know why I didn't think about the dry erase board your like me there isn't enough time in the day. I clip board in each of my greenhouse but a dry erase board would be better yet.
    I don't know if you have a tractor with a front end loader but one grower covers his 30 by 95 house with two people . Has a 16 foot platform on his front end loader that holds the spool of plastic . he than raise it up on the one end and than two people, one on each, walks down the gutters pulling the plastic to the other end.Next the attach it to the end bow, then go back to the other end and fasten that last bow the do the long sides last.
    I always did the long sides first and than the ends last boy was I surprise how much easier it was.
    I wish I could go up town and get me a timer I would have to get one from BWI or threw Mortons. I had really good luck with my homemade mist a matic I made last year but will only do good in a shaded greenhouse.
    Take care Gene

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