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Thread: Whats your favorite Seed catalog

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    Jan 2002

    Whats your favorite Seed catalog

    Mine is johnnyseeds
    i like it for the cultural info.very good catalog and nice varieties.
    i have more favorites but i asked first
    shepp zone 5/6

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    Zone 9a - Gulf Coast
    My favorite seed company is:

    Thompson & Morgan Seed

    I use Thompson & Morgan a lot because of the varieties they have available, and to reference zone, height and growing information, the varieties available, and I have often purchase quite a few seed from them.

    Another that I like is Park's Seed Company. I use them for plant information as well as I have purchased from them. One bit of advise for this one is to write the date on each package when you receive them.
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Germania for me!

    I have all the different divisions downloaded on my desktop. I would use it more but I don't like to view using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Plan to print it out one of these days.

    I would have said Thompson and Morgan, too, but Ann beat me to it. Second favorite. Because of the cultural details and descriptions, also is there ANY plant they do not have?
    Marguerite, GrannyGarden

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    northeast Tennessee
    Marguerite, I haven't ordered from them yet but you might want to look at RexSeed.com as they have a whole section of pepper seeds.
    I like Shepherds and Nichols Seeds as they have lots of herbs.
    The Primrose Path has a lot of unique seeds. I don't know if they are on the web or not.
    tennessee sue

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    Thanks, Sue, for the leads, I finally found them, this is Rex Gregor who writes that Gardening Newsletter advertised on Mike's Subscription Rocket thingie. He's a perfect pain, if you want my considered opinion, much philosophy, little hard plant information. Anyone in the market for "plant jokes?" Okay, okay, I know I am a cranky old woman. www.rexseedco.com

    He cannot meet several other sites such as www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com and www.evergreen.com as to price and number of seeds, they are about $1.25 to $2 for 30 seeds which gives you a good shot for at least 5 or 10 mature plants, he wants $2.30 for 5 seeds, they could ALL FIVE be duds, believe me.

    Or selection of varieties.

    The site I am getting ready to order one of each from is Native Seed Search, their New Mexico varieties. The descriptions are awesome! As far anchos, jalapenas, etc. let me tell you my shameful little secret. Well, I go to Walmart where they have the dried peppers, scoop up a handful and put all the loose seeds I can find in the box in my produce bag too. what are they going to do throw them in a dumpster? The anchos make beautiful commercial level poblano plants! Where else can you get beaucoups of pepper seeds in the pod for $1.98 a LB!

    Right now I have Pasilla Bajio, Boldog Hungarian Spice Paprika, Yellow Wax Hungarian Hot, Tam Jalapena, Cajun Cayenne Slim and Giant Aconcagua cranking on top of the refrigerator, decided to just go for broke and seed them all up. The way our weather is acting I'm going to be able to put them in the ground with milk gallon cloches by mid-March here and heavy foot mulch. My little neighbor Bodie just put all his leaves in garbage bags and threw them over the back fence, such a deal, no? I paid $1.50 for some of these packs, also Victory Gardens is very, very good. I just bought one of each of their beets, I haven't learned the secret to beets here yet.

    Cook's Garden and J.L. Hudson Seedsman are two more salivating places, I think I have a Hudson catalog, most of it is in Latin Name Speak which I am getting to a little at a time.

    By the way, if anyone has had an invasion of Speedy Gonzales and relatives in your greenhouses, these little packs of HAVOC Rodenticide Bait Pack from Loveland Industries is the way to go, 65 cents a pack. The evidence is on one of the burners of my stove, I-can't-touch-it, oooooh! You just toss them around like you accidentally dropped them and "let them steal them."
    Marguerite, GrannyGarden

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    Santee-Cooper Lakes, South Carolina
    I get about 50-60 each year usually order from three of four. Richters


    is one of the very best for herbs. This is a Canadian Co. Specializing in all kinds of herbs they have seeds and plugs.

    Parks always have a few things I can't live without and Burpee usually gets an order as well. Johnnies also usually gets some of my money.

    My main interest in seeds -- perennial flowers for zone 5. Perennial herbs (and a few necessary annuals) that will survive in the garden. Heirloom Tomatoes (I have done well selling these as plants in the spring) because I have what others don't and sell them as large plants 3" and 4" pots. I can often get a premium price. $.50 each (Peat pot size) , $1 each (4" pot) if they are large and real nice. I seek out heirlooms that have old fashoned taste and BIG Beafsteak varieties. Also do veggies for my own use -- but will try to talk grand daughter into farm marketing some this summer.

    I always get carried away and order more than I need.
    Jim Lang

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    So. MD
    I have done most of my ordering from www.stokeseeds.com and www.parkseeds.com because Stokes' has complete growing instructions for each plant and Park has so many specialty plants unavailable elsewhere.


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