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Thread: Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter

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    Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter

    Hi, Everyone!

    I came across this article when searching for an answer to dormancy requirements of certain plants, and I thought it might be helpful to all of you.

    Even though it is written by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, I believe there is information that will be useful to those of you north of Georgia. This seems to be a topic of inerest to almost everyone this time of the year.

    Preparing Nursery Plants for Winter

    North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

    It's amazing how much I have learned from those of you in other areas of the world, and I sincerely hope everyone will find something to help them in this one!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Thanks Ann. North Carolina has some good horticulture informatiom.
    tennessee sue

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    Great info

    i may print that info and add it to my little library.
    sure glad i have a cold frame tonite.
    temp 21* windchill 7* @ 20:07 hrs.

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    This will be a test I left about 800 plants out (slightly protected) in cans and about 400 planted in ground. It's cold, and windy but not mutch snow -- snow would help cover them and insulate. Worry about the Jap Maples -- other stuff all did ok last year.

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