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Thread: Cash Flow 2002

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    Jan 2002

    Cash Flow 2002

    What was your best cash flow in 2002 .
    mine were jap maples, hanging baskets and perrenials.
    in the past years its been perrenials and grasses.
    i am going to concentrate on all of the above in 2003.
    with my shrubs going to landscapers.
    shepp zone 5/6

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    Jan 2002
    Mine was mainly plug production to the wholesale nurseys and vegatable plants to the retail outlits . I too am working on Landscapers also they will save me there containers to repot in.

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    My best seller also was the 1 gal. Japanese Maples.I sold all 100 of them for 10.00 ea,one or two at a time.I have 600 for next year,that might take awhile.My butterfly bushes were good sellers ,I have seven different cultivars.All of the shrubs sold pretty good,as did the ground covers.I started last year with 100 Leyland Cypress didn't sell a one?
    My easiest money came from re-wholeselling.I bought mums last fall sold them all at 100% profit.All I had to do was haul them 15 miles and water them a couple of times,didn't have to baby sit them for a year like the stuff I grow.I'II be re-wholeselling big time this spring annuals,perennials and hanging baskets.The girl I buy from has no min. which really helps a green horn like me.
    My best advertising came from a local small paper. $15.00 per week for a big add with picturesof plants.It really brought the people that were ready to buy.I used Mike's surplus plant sale add,it works!!!I also tried the big paper here The Tennessean at $50.00-$70.00 a pop,a total waste of money.
    Shepp,how did you come out at the farmers market ?I never saw a post about how it went.I tried a small one close to home,I did fair.I did better in my back yard,so I'II stick to that next year.
    Shepp,did you ever find a PH tester?I got a newA.M.Leonard catolog today.They have one on page #12 they call Customers Favorite for $99.95
    Lets hear from the rest of you backyard growers.
    Have a good one!
    William B.

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    northeast Tennessee

    cash flow

    I sell mainly at farmers market. My best sellers are herbs, perennials, and japanese maples. Wildflowers do really well for me and other trees and shrubs also do pretty well. I do a couple of shows ,one mainly herbal,but trees and shrubs also do well there. Perennials are big whereever I sell. I take pictures of the plants in bloom and laminate them so people can see them in all their glory. This has really boosted my sells.
    What helps your sales besides quality plants and good prices?
    tennessee sue

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    Farmers Market

    Hi William .
    i can say this i did twice as much as the year before and only went to the market may and june.
    july on i didnt get there.
    when at the market i have found that you need to get a conversation going with everyone that passes by.if you can slow them down long enuf for others to stop and see whats going on the sales start happening. some are afraid they will miss out on something.
    others are just nibby.
    i have to work hard at charming the public. my dad and brothers were and are salesmen in my family.
    i personally want to hug closely anyone that doesnt want to buy my fine and exquisite products, growing full of robust and vigor.flourishing with a pandamonium of vibrance
    and calling out to each passer by BUY ME TAKE ME HOME, PLANT ME IN YOUR YARD. i cant understand it when they dont- and all they buy is a KNICK KNACK from PATTY WHACK 3 tables down from me.
    such is life , the future is so bright i gotta wear shades
    shepp zone 5/6 hey its cold here!!! windchill 17* right now Brrrr
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    Shepp may have missed his calling. What a way with words! I am a writer and am jealous! He also does a fine job growing stuff.

    We may be growing wrong stuff -- Massillon Police busted a guy with six (6!) m-j plants and claimed they were worth $100,000. I think something was inflated.

    We have about six inches of snow, river is rising and it's too cold for me to be outside much. Seed catalogs started coming and some are just great!

    If you don't get Plant Delights (Raleigh, NC) catalog order one from their website. Stuff is expensive but I would pay for the catalog.

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    This is an exciting time of the year when you look forward to going to the mail box each day.The catalogs are pouring in by the hand full.The nursery is asleep and in take care of itself mode.I have to watch myself or I'II order too much now,then come March and April I have more than I can do.
    William B.(I hate Squirrels)

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