I finally got my thermometer set up in the greenhouse. I opened up an Excel spreadsheet to track the daily temps. So far it's not fit for man nor beast out there but the main goal is to start collecting information. So far this winter has been one of the coldest in recent times, our Nov and Dec have been way below the avg temps. Right now we are getting our first significant storm of the year:12-15 inches of snow predicted with a little ice for excitement. The greenhouse needs to be plant friendly by late Feb or early Mar. depends on how my seed stratification co-operates. I also have a humidity recording feature on this thermometer. I have not started to record humidity yet but I probably should. If we land a mild winter some year the info would be nice. This winter will be my first attempt at starting seeds in the greenhouse. I'm starting some trees from seed, ornamental grasses and some perennials. thats about all I can handle on top of a full time job. I am not planning any sales next year, Just want to start the seeds and get some nice plants going.