Hi, Everyone!

It is that time of the year when my focus turns toward my favorite houseplants, and, Gee, I have many....

One of my long time favorite is Gloxinia. I have propagated them from leaf petiole cuttings, from leaf cuttings and my favorite propagation for these is, guess what, by seed. They are so very easy to grow from seeds and you can grow very unusual ones, including double flowered ones that you rarely, if ever, see in the retail stores.

As many of you know, I have given numerous presentations and classes on the topic of plant propagation. In every one, I try to bring up the topic of Gloxinia, and my response from attendees tends to be the same... 'Mine DIED!' So, this is what I tell them...

Well, Folks! It probably did not die. They just forgot to tell you that most of them go dormant after blooming, and if you don't refrain from watering them after they go dormant, or protect them from freeze, yes, they will die.

Here is a picture of some dormant Gloxinia tubers that are very healthy and very much alive. These particular ones were grown from seed which bloomed within a matter of months and were full grown in well less than a year.

There are three in the picture. The one that I am holding has three small sections. These can and probably should be divided before repotting. The other two were from small plants in 4 inch pots. For you see, Gloxinia do not require pots that are as large as the foliage and flowers. They just need to be large enough to allow the tubers to grow and multiply.

Also, note that I removed most of the fibrous roots. I will store these tubers dry for a month or two longer in a cool (but not refrigerated), dark location (brown paper bag). Then I will pot them up, put them in a warm spot and slowly start to lightly water them, letting them dry out between watering until I start to see new leaves begin to sprout. At that time, I will increase the frequency of watering.

By spring, I will have beautiful, bloomiing Gloxinia, once again.

It may sound complicated, but it really isn't! And they are so very easy to propagate. You can even harvest your own seed....

Here are a couple of pictures of Gloxinia that I grew from seed:

Enjoy and Please Do NOT Trash Them. They are probably not DEAD!