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Thread: Wood Fired Greenhouse Heating

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    Wood Fired Greenhouse Heating

    Who was it that was using Wood to heat their greenhouse and home with an outdoor boiler??

    I need info.

    Gary J
    Center Point, TX
    Hill Country Texas Master Gardener
    USDA Zone 7B
    AHS Heat Zone 8

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    It was SHepp...

    Here is the post:

    Keeping Your Greenhouse Warm this Winter

    Shepp has a link to the website which describes the system he uses in the above thread.

    Have FUN!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Central Boiler

    Twenty or so of our customers have these units and like them alot. The husband says, they are very well made.
    Is firewood expensive in Texas? Have you and Arlene dried out yet? Hope so.
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    the one i use

    hi gary

    i have the 100,000 btu model.
    i may be getting the central boiler model next year that is 300,000 btu. centrals bigger model will take a 4 ft log and i wont need to split wood any more. i like the idea of not having to use propane , no corrosion problems of a gas furnace. failures of heating equipment in the middle of the nite.and ten dollar box fans to move the hot air or radient piping in the benches.
    in case of a power failure one small generator will supply the boiler and i am back in business. i am kicking around about growing bigger and a 30x100 ft greenhouse.i would need a bigger model to heat it and all i heat now. in your climate i would think that you would only have to fill the wood to it maybe every 3 days.
    let me know what you do , shepp
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